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I actually had a sort of feeling saturday afternoon! Read the whole for understand more...

It was too hot to stay outside, so I decided to do a thing that I didn't do since a while: sit on the couch and watch tv; on a local tv channel there was the ten thousandth TV re-run of Fairy Odd Parents, you know? the two green-pink couple of fairies with the little misunderstood boy...that is!

Since the cinema industry is lacking of original ideas for making decent films -in this last period is taking inspiration from TV shows and cartoons in particular- and I was bored, I imagined how a real life movie of the fairy odd parents would be; this would be the ideal cast of actors to hire for some charachters!
Hollywood and managers, are you reading? LOL !

Timmy Turner: the lonely, sad boy who don't get enough attention from the parents, has evil teachers, at his age still has the babysitter (?!) ans no success with the girls; his only way to escape from such a depressing situation is its own immagination and two magic creatures;who could interpret this role better than the baby "star" (uggh...) Justin Bieber?…

Cosmo and Wanda: would be respectively Andy Dick featuresblogs.chicagotribune.c… and Caroline Rhea… (some of you would surely remind her in tv show "Sabrina the Teenage witch"); Imagine those two cuddling and arging like a lovely husband-wife couple, then making magic tricks, giving wise pieces of advice to Timmy! and Mr. Dick would not make any effort to enter in the part of Cosmo: he already has the right attitude!

Mother of Timmy: No doubts here: Geena Davis… aww, I like the way she smiles, so sweet

Vicky (the evil Baby sitter): I'd propose a very good italian actress, Luciana Littizetto…, as you may notice, looks like the cartoon charachter

Today, while I was browsing cartoon brew's website, what do I see?…

Oh, man, if I'm not a genius :lol: ....! I'd have bet something that someone had in mind the idea of making a movie!!

============ NOW....I WANT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!===========

Well...what would you say about this journal of casting madness? Do you agree with my choices or you had other actors in mind? Unfortunately I didn't cast for the whole group of charachters, I missed a lot like timmy's Dad, the evil Professor Cracker...Crocker...(Something similar, sorry I forget the name :P ), the macho hispanic fairy parent... if so, TELL ME, WRITE ME YOUR IDEAS!!!!! :dance: :giggle: !!

EDIT:  Sean Hayes… who did an excellent interpretation in "Will and Grace" would be perfect as Cupid
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Submitted on
August 3, 2010